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This stripped down no frills wine bar is a "hip pocket" to the popular omakase sushi restaurant Hachi. We focus on natural wine and high quality sake along with simple but delicious snacks and finger food.


Focused wine and sake tastings are held once or twice a month with our knowing sommelier Evelina.

Private events are welcomed and can be booked in advance by groups of 6-10.

Book by mail at vinkiosken@gmail.com or telephone +4619 760 87 00

Tastings so far

190523 Saketasting - Different styles of sake

190911 Orange wines

191002 PetNat

191023 White wines from Tokaj

191120 Saketasting - Namazake -- Unpasteurized Sake

191211 Wines from Jura w/ Ida Sundqvist, Dryckesbutiken

191218 Japanese Natural wines, Fujimaru Winery, Tokyo/Osaka

Natural Wine

True Jesusjuice. Natural wine is made from organic grapes in a process that uses minimal chemical and technological manipulation. Wine which has something to say about its origin without human interference.


Cheese of the week 65:-

Olives 55:-

Marcona Almonds 55:-

Kikos 25:-

Boquerones with Bread 75:-

Grilled Cheese 75:-

Oysters Amélie Speciales Fine de Claire n°3- 1pc 45:- / 3pc 120:-

Edamame 35:-

Sashimi 220:-

Opening Hours

Wednesday - Thursday From 4pm

Friday - Saturday From 3pm


Järntorgsgatan 4

703 61 Örebro



+46 19 760 87 00

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Sake, the often misunderstood national drink of Japan has a clean flavor that comes from solely rice, water, yeast and koji, no other additives, in a complicated brewing process. Discover sake with our wide range of different styles.